Ziehm awarded for product innovation
Ziehm Imaging’s Vision FD flat panel detector-based mobile C-arm system has been awarded the 2006 Product Innovation Award by Frost & Sullivan. The award is presented each year to the company that has demonstrated excellence in new products and technologies within their industry.

The Ziehm Vision FD FPD-based mobile C-arm is the first fully digital mobile C-arm incorporating an FPD. By using an FPD, the Vision FD is a truly digital C-arm system. FPDs directly convert the x-ray beam to digital images and offer cleaner images with less noise since there is no curvature in the FPD.

At RSNA 2006, the company showcased the Ziehm Quantum, a full-featured, self-contained mobile surgical C-arm. The Quantum eliminates the need for a monitor cart in the surgical room and it offers both a small footprint and a large C-arm opening.

Ziehm’s c-arm technology includes object detected dose control (ODDC), which allow for improved image quality at the lower possible dose.