Ziehm Imaging introduces fully digital, mobile solutions
Dec. 5 – Ziehm Imaging presented two fully digital (FD) radiology products: Ziehm Vision FD and Ziehm Vision R FD (not currently available in the United States) at the 93rd scientific assembly and annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago last week.

The Ziehm Vision products offer better image quality with object detected dose control, delivering the lowest possible dose. Each design also offers lightweight maneuverability which makes them suitable for most imaging procedure.
The Ziehm Vision FD is especially applicable for neurosurgery. It incorporates the latest advances in technology and design, offering fully digital and distortion-free images and readily mobile units. With the introduction of digital flat-panel detectors in mobile fluoroscopy, Ziehm Imaging’s products offer better patient access and mobility along with dynamic range for both soft tissue and skeleton imaging at the same time.
“With the FD technology, we are taking mobile C-arm imaging to a new level,” said Klaus Hörndler, CEO, Ziehm Imaging. “The combination of fully digital imaging with navigation systems for computer-aided surgery in advanced applications, like the interventional process, opens up new horizons for higher accuracy and image quality. We are proud to be putting the best imaging technologies into the hands of doctors in the U.S. and across the globe in the near future.”
Ziehm’s Vision products include an integrated real-time motion detect or with automatic adjustment of noise reduction level and pulse frequency which helps significant dose savings in clinical use. The results have been confirmed by clinical studies in selected European hospitals, pointing to a low dosage breakthrough to the benefit of clinicians, operating room staff and patients.