Zonare displays new ultrasound technology
Zonare Medical Systems showcased its z.one ultra system, the company’s next generation premium convertible ultrasound platform, at the annual Radiology Society of North America conference (RSNA) in Chicago.

Based on Zone Sonography technology, the z.one ultra system features advanced software, hardware and transducer technology, including a new multi-transducer port and multi-transducer connector for the z.one scan engine. “The z.one ultra offers excellent value to clinicians, improving workflow and correcting image quality from the patient to the system,” said Laurie Hallwyler, director, corporate communications, Zonare.

Hallwyler said the z.one system can calibrate for the speed of sound in tissue to clarify the resolution. “It can process in real-time,” she said.

In addition, Zonare showcased new and improved ultrasound transducers during the show including a high frequency, work-in-progress, 14-5 MHz linear array transducer featuring a wide field of view. With an aperture of 55 mm, the L14-5 transducer also offers virtual apex capability. The new transducer has 10 frequencies including three fundamental, one tissue harmonic, two compound imaging and two each for color Doppler and PW Doppler modes. The L14-5 is especially useful for imaging breasts, small parts and superficial peripheral vascular.

“As the company and industry evolves, we will too,” said Hallwyler. “We are only limited by the process power of computers.”