Zotec Solutions and Healthcare Management Partners merge
Zotec Solutions Inc. and Healthcare Management Partners (HMP) have merged to create Zotec Partners, a firm providing proprietary medical billing services and licensed software to hospital-based physician specialty practices across the U.S. The merger combines HMP’s expertise in revenue cycle management with Zotec’s technology.
“The merger creates an enormous opportunity for both companies to expand and improve their service offerings and will make Zotec Partners a major player in the hospital-based physician billing market in the United States," said T. Scott Law, chief executive officer of Zotec Solutions.
HMP contributes an experienced management team and board level members, as well as existing operations in the same physician specialty markets as Zotec. The merger provides the opportunity to leverage combined volumes and gain efficiencies in all aspects of the revenue cycle management process. Zotec Partners will utilize the technology to continue to produce a cost effective billing solution for their clients.
“We are excited about the merger with Zotec,” said Claudia Dwyer, chief executive officer of HMP.  “This partnership allows us to have significant input into the technology, which is a tremendous advantage to our current and future clients.”
As a result of the merger, Zotec’s billing clients will gain increased professional management resources and expertise, while clients licensing the Zotec software will benefit from continued enhancement and focus on eliminating inefficiencies inherent in the constantly changing healthcare environment.
Zotec Partners will service over 5,500 physicians across more than 40 states this year,
Scott Law will serve as the CEO of Zotec Partners. The new company is headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind., where Zotec Solutions has been based for nine years.