NEMA x-ray angiography standards target uniform control method
The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has published a new standard, XR 24-2008, which focuses on primary user controls for x-ray angiography equipment.

The standard offers a unified approach to primary user control function as a means of ensuring that the control method for interventional x-ray equipment is consistent for all manufacturers, NEMA said. Rather than suggesting the use of specific control devices for the defined functions, and thus hindering the development of new technology, the standard focuses on a uniform method of control.

To ensure users' needs were considered and met, the organization said it conducted extensive interviews with cardiologists, neuroradiologists and interventional radiologists, including several members of the Society of Interventional Radiologists.

"This standard's approach to the mode of operation of controls for interventional x-ray systems will be of great use to manufacturers in the design process, and the subsequent consistency will benefit users, especially in larger hospitals, where several manufacturers' equipment may be used," said Judith Regn, PhD, chair of the NEMA working group that produced the standard.

Visit to download the standard.