About 450K patients affected by security breaches in 2010

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Since February, 24 security breaches affecting 500 or more individuals have been reported to the Office for Civil Rights. For the year, a total of 54 breaches have been reported, affecting about 449,008 individuals.

As required by the HITECH Act, the Department of Health and Human Services secretary must post a list of breaches of unsecured protected health information affecting 500 or more individuals.

The following breaches have been reported to the secretary since February:
  • Occupational Health Partners (May 12) in Kansas: approximately 1,105 affected, theft of a laptop;
  • Oconee Physician Practices (May 9) in South Carolina: approximately 653 affected, theft of a laptop;
  • VA North Texas HealthCare System (May 4) in Texas: approximately 4,083 affected, improper disposal of paper records;
  • A private practice (May 2) in Michigan: approximately 2,300 affected, theft of a laptop;
  • Veterans Health Administration (April 22) in Washington D.C.: approximately 656 affected, theft of a laptop;
  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (April 19) in Tennessee: approximately 1,745 affected, loss of a laptop;
  • University of Rochester Medical Center Affiliates (April 19) in New York: approximately 2,628 affected;
  • Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care (April 12) in Ilinois: approximately 1,000 affected, theft of a laptop;
  • Loma Linda University HealthCare (April 4) in California: approximately 584 affected, theft of a desktop computer;
  • A private practice (April 3) in Texas: approximately 4,200 affected, theft of a laptop;
  • Silicon Valley Eyecare Optometry and Contact Lenses (April 2) in California: approximately 40,000 affected, theft of a network server;
  • Our Lady of Peace Hospital (March 31) in Kentucky: approximately 24,600 affect, theft and/or loss of a portable electronic device;
  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (March 27) in Ohio: approximately 60,998 affected, theft of a laptop;
  • Georgetown University Hospital (March 26) in Washington D.C.: approximately 2,416 affected, theft of e-mail and/or portable electronic device;
  • Medical Center at Bowling Green (March 24) in Kentucky: approximately 5,418 affected, theft of a portable electronic device;
  • TennCare (March 20) in Tennessee: approximately 10,515 affected, theft of a laptop;
  • State of New Mexico Human Services Department, Medical Assistance Division (March 20) in New Mexico: approximately 9,600 affected, theft of a laptop;
  • Beatrice Community Hospital and Health Center (March 19) in Nebraska: approximately 660 affected;
  • Tomah Memorial Hospital (March 19) in Wisconsin: approximately 600 affected;
  • Rockbridge Area Community Services (March 12) in Lexington, Va.: approximately 500 affected, theft of a laptop and/or desktop computer;
  • University of Pittsburgh Student Health Center (March 11) in Pennsylvania: approximately 8,000 affected, theft and/or loss of paper records;
  • Mount Sinai Medical Center (March 9) in Florida: approximately 2,600 affected, theft and/or unauthorized access of a laptop;
  • St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare (March 6) in California: approximately 22,012 affected, theft of a desktop computer; and
  • Hypertension, Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation, PC (March 6) in Alabama: approximately 2,024 affected, theft of a laptop.