Electronic Health Records

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The big buzzword in electronic health records this year is "integrated workflow." Vendors are showcasing systems that focus on streamlining everything from image access to billing. Another focus is the ongoing national efforts toward interconnectivity through regional health information organizations (RHIOs) and Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise standards.

Agfa's Healthcare Business Group (booth #5633) is showcasing technologies designed to build an image-rich EHR, including image and information management systems for radiology, cardiology, orthopedics, and women's care; speech recognition for reporting; web-based enterprise scheduling; and a single sign-on patient record and images system that brings together disparate hospital information systems under a common view. Agfa's state-of-the-art technology for the EHR can be seen in action at HIMSS as one, single, integrated workflow.

Allscripts (booth #4841) is using HIMSS to debut two new modules of the TouchWorks EHR. The modular approach allows physicians to deploy the full EHR in stages, making the deployment easier for all users.  The two additional modules provide medical groups with the tools to easily take part in clinical trials and pay-for-performance initiatives. TouchWorks Study Manager is the clinical trial management system in use by more than 1,800 research organizations that include more than 10,000 research professionals. Study Manager is designed to make the process of conducting clinical trials more efficient, more organized, more accurate, and more profitable.

TouchWorks Analytics offers healthcare organizations strategies to leverage existing information within electronic health records to control costs, generate income, and improve practice efficiency. With the proper analytical tools, organizations can drive clinical excellence by managing pay-for-performance initiatives, measuring key performance indicators, supporting clinical trials, and providing patient population management. Accessing the clinical data in a format designed for near real-time decision-making can transform the art and science of delivering healthcare. Benefits include improved rapid access to information, advanced clinical measures to increase revenue opportunities and accessibility to all levels of the organization.

Axolotl Corp. (booth #5933) is showcasing its work with RHIO customers that are members of a consortium awarded a new contract with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to develop a prototype for a nationwide health-information network architecture. Axolotl is working with the group to develop an architecture and prototype network for secure information sharing among hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and physicians. Axolotl contributes 10 years experience in connecting healthcare communities that have successfully deployed electronic medical records for physicians, secure community-wide data repositories, electronic ordering, e-prescribing, disease registries and community wide patient and provider indexes.

Axolotl customers HealthBridge and Santa Cruz County have successfully connected thousands of healthcare providers - improving healthcare quality, safety and efficiency. HealthBridge includes 19 hospitals and reference labs and more than 3,500 users that have been connected and accessing clinical results since 2000. Together they are saving more than $7 million per year in distribution costs alone. In Santa Cruz county, patient health information is shared between independent, even competitive organizations. Physicians receive lab and radiology results, write electronic prescriptions, place orders, manage transcribed reports and securely communicate with their colleagues, establishing continuity of care throughout the community.

Cerner Corp. (booths #2813, 2712) is featuring its Cerner Bridge Medical solutions - a barcode-enabled, point-of-care system. The technology is successfully implemented at Bon Secours, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, Vassar Brothers Medical Center and Clarian North Medical Center.

Through the agreement with Bon Secours, Cerner plans to implement its Bridge Medication Administration and Bridge Specimen Collections at 15 of Bon Secours' hospitals, increasing the safety and accuracy of specimen collection and medication administration processes at nearly 3,000 bedsides. The Bridge Medication Administration solution will help eliminate error in the medication process beyond just the "five rights" (patient,