CDW: Health IT professionals confident in budget increase predictions
Among IT decision-makers who believe their IT budgets will increase next year, those working in healthcare are the most confident that they’ll have more to spend. Responding to a survey, 53 percent of health IT professionals who presumed budget increases in the next six months also indicated high levels of confidence in their presumptions.

Regardless of industry, nearly half of all IT decision-makers believe IT investments will be a top priority of their employers in the next six months and more than one-third are considering “large” IT investments, according to the CDW IT Monitor, the marketplace tracking division of Vernon Hills, Ill.-based IT services provider CDW, which conducts bimonthly surveys of 1,000 IT professionals.

According to the survey results, 88 percent of respondents believed that their budgets will stay the same or increase. Only 12 percent of respondents believed their budgets would decrease, 49 percent believed they would stay the same and 39 percent believed that they would increase.

More health IT decision-makers anticipated making hardware purchases in the next six months than their counterparts in other industries; 90 percent of healthcare IT decision-purchases predict hardware purchases compared to 76 percent of all respondents. Additionally, 96 percent of health IT decision-makers anticipated software purchases and 59 percent plan to invest in “solutions.”