Money talks: Florida imaging center rolls-out cash-pay process
Cash Handoff - 11.61 Kb
Advanced Imaging Centers, an independent radiology group serving Florida’s Lake and Sumter counties, has adopted a simplified cash-pay process designed to provide more pricing transparency and reach patients who believe they cannot afford care.

The new process, which has been implemented at all three Advanced Imaging Centers locations, compiles all types of exams and allots one flat fee for each modality which encompasses both the technical and professional portions of the exam. An MRI, for example, would have one flat cash-pay price regardless of whether it was ordered for a patient’s neck or back, with contrast or without.

The new prices are meant to be appealing to patients without insurance, but Advanced Imaging Centers expects patients with high-deductibles to be interested in the process as well.

Advanced Imaging Centers also said it plans to participate with Save On Medical, a website application that allows patients to price-shop medical services.