Radiologist’s congressional bid sprints forward

The odds that Stephen Ferrara, MD, will become the first radiologist elected to the United States Congress have improved. On Friday, the interventionalist reported his campaign raised more than $250,000 in its first eight weeks—possibly a record for a first-time candidate in his state, Arizona.

In a press release sent by RADPAC, the American College of Radiology Association’s bipartisan political action committee, Geraldine McGinty, MD, chair of RADPAC and vice chair of ACR’s board of chancellors, applauds Ferrara’s successful launch.

“The radiology community enthusiastically supports Dr. Ferrara as a physician, a health policy expert and someone whose life-long commitment to service means that he will be an effective advocate for our patients in Washington,” McGinty says. “We’re delighted to see his campaign off to such a strong start.”

Ferrara, a war veteran who presently works at the Phoenix VA and earlier served as chief medical officer of the Navy, recently spoke with about his reasons for running and his hopes for bringing a rad’s perspective to Washington. Click here to read the interview and here for Ferrara’s campaign website.