Is Scotland headed for a radiology crisis?

Due to a looming staffing shortage, radiology services in Scotland are slouching toward a preventable crisis, according to the health correspondent at The Scotsman.

The writer, Lizzy Buchan, points to a Royal College of Radiologists survey showing the nation trailing other U.K. states and adding radiologists at the rate of just 3 percent over the past five years.

“Many will doubtless say that an increase is, well, an increase, so it must be good news, yet it must be viewed in the context of an extraordinary 55 percent rise in demand for medical imaging such as MRI and CT scans over the same period,” Buchan writes. “Add to this a 10 percent vacancy rate among consultants and the picture becomes even more concerning.”

Buchan adds that family doctors “have been crying out for help for many months without attracting much support, and now we are on the brink of a full blown crisis. Let us learn from our mistakes and heed these warnings from radiologists while there is time to fix things.”

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