Siemens responds to market challenges with Agenda 2013
Siemens Healthcare, in response to challenges emerging from a changing market environment, is launching Agenda 2013, a two-year global initiative within the company aimed at focusing resources efficiently and tapping into growth markets.

Agenda 2013 also encompasses a realignment of the radiation therapy business unit that will likely include rightsizing measures, according to the Erlangen, Germany-based company.

Challenging economic climates in some industrialized nations have further exacerbated cost pressures in their healthcare systems, impacting the medical technology market, according to Siemens. At the same time, some emerging economies are trying to build their healthcare infrastructure. Agenda 2013 will attempt to address many of these challenges and opportunities.

In the field of radiation therapy, Siemens said it will focus on imaging and may start the process of rightsizing business with linear accelerators. The company said it has made it a goal to minimize the social impact of potential workforce reductions and offer new assignments to any impacted employees.

In addition, as part of Agenda 2013 the diagnostics division of Siemens will conduct programs to enhance efficiency.