2018 Winter Olympics: New athlete-focused tool provides individualized care

During the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, GE Healthcare and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) teamed up on a new diagnostic tool that used imaging to provide individualized care for competing athletes.

The GE Athlete Management Solution (AMS) collects data including imaging scans, patient vitals and sport-specific information to provide real-time dashboards that will inform and aid medical staff in personalizing treatment for athletes at the Games in Pyeongchang, according to a press release.

“Olympians train for many years to represent their nations at the Games,” said Jorg Debatin, MD, vice president and chief technology officer for GE Healthcare. “Their Herculean efforts must be matched with superhuman clinical speed and quality. AMS helps clinicians do just that—by making data and actionable insights readily available to the treating clinicians.”

The AMS tool can notify clinicians of high-injury areas in competitors or even alert if an illness occurs among spectators who are attending events at specific venues. The system is cloud-based and designed with cybersecurity parameters in mind. Clinicians can access the dashboard regardless of location. Whether they are treating athletes at an Olympic clinic or a local hospital and even a hotel room, according to the release.

The AMS tool will also be used for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, according to the brief.