Accusoft launches mobile imaging toolkit for iPad, Android
Accusoft Pegasus has released AIMTools, a mobile imaging toolkit, which includes support for viewing images on Apple and Android devices.

AIMTools supports JPEG and JPEG 2000 on Apple and Android mobile devices. Using the software development kit, medical professionals can retrieve and download medical images on an iPad, iPhone or Android device, according to the Tampa, Fla.-based company.

With AIMTools, developers can create mobile applications to view up to 16-bit grayscale images. Very large images can be decompressed to the optimal display size for the mobile devices they are targeting. All high-resolution image data are preserved on the device and subsequent decompress operations can request new sizes using all of the raw image data for the image.

Applications using AIMTools also can view document images that are scanned and stored in lossless formats to preserve image detail, such as TIFF and JPEG 2000.