AHRA 2016 is finally here! Don’t miss these 3 keynote speakers in Nashville

AHRA’s 44th Annual Meeting and Exposition is officially underway in beautiful Nashville, Tenn., and it’s been a lot of fun watching Music City U.S.A. morph into Medical Imaging City U.S.A. in person.  

As always, this year’s AHRA annual meeting is jam-packed with smiling faces, exciting presentations, and groundbreaking technology. It also features three fascinating, can’t-miss keynote speakers: Christine Cashen, Scott Steinberg, and Mark Scharenbroich.

World-famous speaker Christine Cashen is speaking Monday, August 1, at 9 a.m. She’ll be providing attendees with a fresh jolt of electricity, sharing insight about how to handle conflict, promote creativity and reduce stress in the workplace.

Cashen is known for her fun attitude and authentic storytelling. The imaging industry is always in need of a good laugh and a fresh perspective, and she is sure to offer both of those things with her presentation.

Bestselling author Scott Steinberg is speaking Tuesday, August 2, at 9:45 a.m. Steinberg is an expert on business and leadership, and he’s been featured everywhere from CNN to The Wall Street Journal. Everyone should do their best to make this presentation, especially managers doing their best to lead during this complex, demanding moment in the history of imaging. When a man described by Fortune 500 as a “trop trendsetter to follow” comes to speak, you just know it’s going to be compelling.

Motivational speaker Mark Scharenbroich is speaking Wednesday, August 3, at 3:30 p.m. Scharenbroich has won numerous awards in his day, including an Emmy, and he’ll be discussing how to make important connections both on the job and at home. Scharenbroich is known for his wild sense of humor, so be ready to pay attention, take notes, and laugh, laugh, laugh.

AHRA is offering this year’s attendees in Nashville a wide variety of presentations, but I do recommend you do your best to catch these three keynote speakers in action. The wisdom they share could play a key role in the rest of your life.