ASPYRA Announces Release of AccessNET v7.1

Jacksonville, FL — May 16, 2016, ASPYRA, LLC (ASPYRA), a market leader in PACS, announced today that version 7.1 of its PACS product has been released and is being implemented at customer sites.  The new version contains multiple enhancements including those to hanging protocols, images sets, automated jobs, and administrative reports to benefit users and administrators of the system.

“Today’s marketplace dictates that many of the users and administrators wear multiple hats.  We feel it is very important to help make the tasks they do easier, faster, and more flexible to match those needs” stated Gary Bennett, ASPYRA President.  He continued, “If we can save you time while using our system, we’re helping your productivity and profitability.  Our mantra is to help reduce the cost of healthcare while continuing to support your need for security and accountability.”

“We have a process in place that ensures we include enhancements in the new versions that match feedback from our customers and keep them informed as to when a new release is expected.  As a result, we have a list of customers who want to be first on the schedule for implementation so they can immediately take advantage of those enhancements” reports Joy Wallace, Customer Care Lead. 

ASPYRA customers receive the upgrades and updates to ASPYRA software at no charge with an active service level agreement (SLA).  Those who are not on an SLA can purchase the upgrade or save more by establishing an SLA with the company.

About The Company

ASPYRA is a privately held, global, Software and Services Company specializing in PACS and Laboratory Information Systems.  ASPYRA is recognized for providing flexible, engineered workflow solutions that include software, interfaces, and professional services to specialty labs, reference labs, clinics, hospitals, imaging centers and orthopedic practices worldwide.  ASPYRA forges long-term partnerships and can help your business grow through four key values essential to today’s business-Adaptability, Efficiency, Collaboration and Throughput. If you would like to view a PDF version, please email