Big business magazine picks McKesson CEO's brain

Still best known as a massive mover of pharmaceuticals, McKesson has become one of the largest health-tech vendors as well—and one of the most formidable American companies in any industry.

Calling McKesson “the healthcare tech giant you've probably never heard of,” Fortune points out that it’s even surpassed such high-profile corporations as AT&T, Bank of America and Walt Disney.

The magazine interviewed McKesson CEO John Hammergren, asking how healthcare technology can help save money as well as lives.

Today’s healthcare providers “need to develop a care plan that makes sense based on individual characteristics of the patient,” Hammergren says in the Q&A article.

McKesson’s customers, for example, need data “that is actionable, that is accurate and that is easy to use.”

Deploying such data “will be paramount to any kind of adoption of personalized medicine,” says Hammergren. “I just don’t think the providers are going to have the time for several hours’ worth of research for each patient they interact with. I think the industry is going to have to automate that.”

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