Covidien aligns with Philips for patient monitoring
Covidien has launched its Nellcor SpO2 single parameter module for use with the Philips Healthcare's IntelliVue patient monitoring platform.

The Nellcor SpO2 module incorporates Nellcor OxiMax pulse oximetry technology. The single parameter module is available in North America, the European Economic Area and other select international markets. Use of the Covidien Nellcor OxiMax pulse oximetry technology with Philips monitoring platforms can provide clinicians with cardiac-based readings of SpO2 and pulse rate, according to the Dublin-based Covidien.

The company added that the Nellcor SpO2 single parameter module is also compatible with the line of Covidien Nellcor sensors, including:
  • Nellcor forehead sensor, which gives readings when conventional finger sensors fail, detects changes in oxygen saturation earlier than conventional sensors and is approved for use with ventilated patients.
  • Nellcor non-adhesive sensors, which protect sensitive skin, are particularly useful to patients in the NICU.
  • Single-patient-use oximetry sensors, which protect against hospital-acquired infections.

The Nellcor SpO2 single parameter module is compatible with the Philips IntelliVue MP40 through MP90 monitors and the Philips IntelliVue MX 600, MX 700 and MX 800 monitors.