Displays—It's All in the Details

 As the demand for digital imaging grows, so too do expectations that display technology will keeps pushing the envelope. Vendors stepping up to the plate this year are offering bigger, brighter and sharper displays with more options and streamlined calibration and maintenance. The result, higher-resolution images allow for more accurate diagnostic information.

Most companies are focused on clarifying the images through enhanced contrast and integration into DICOM systems. Panels with higher resolution and luminance, and more QA monitoring applications and online services are sure to take the spotlight at RSNA.

Advantech (Booth 3151) is launching its POC-195 point-of-care terminal with a high-contrast 19-inch LCD. Advantech says its POC-195 is sealed to protect the system from water and dust, and has on/off buttons that are seamlessly integrated onto the front panel for easy cleaning. The system has a book light, an optional alarm light, a trim knob and a touchscreen.

 Barco NIO Color 3MP

Barco (Booth 4714) is showing an upgrade to their display series and a new version of online services.

Barco has extended NIO Color 3MP, its portfolio of display solutions with a new color display system, which was developed for digital radiology applications. The solution can be used for various applications, such as 3D PACS, 3D echo, ultrasound, orthopedic imaging, CAD, image fusion, nuclear medicine and PET, according to Barco.

The company is also displaying Medical QAWeb, an online service for PACS monitors, which provides DICOM calibration, quality assurance, display asset management, problem solving and reporting.

Double Black Imaging (DBI) (Booth 3782) is releasing its new P-Series line of LCDs.

The P-Series monitors include: a 2MP monochrome and color; a 3MP monochrome and color; and a 5MP monochrome LCD for mammography. The line features strong brightness levels on each LCD, digital uniformity control, 12-bit processing, a retractable front sensor for DICOM calibration, a backlight sensor for luminance control and bonded protective panels.

DBI also is highlighting a new 46-inch color LCD for operating room and ER environments, which is fan-less and has a rugged metal enclosure. 

 Eizo: Siemens SMfit software for displays

Eizo GmbH Display Technologies (Booth 4735), formerly Siemens AG prior to Eizo Nanao Corp. purchasing Siemens A&D’s medical monitor business this year, is showcasing a line of Siemens monitors, including a new 5 MP display, SMD 21510 D, and two new tools for medical displays.

The SMD 21510 D, a 21-inch monochrome new five MP display for medical applications, is suited for mammography diagnosis and PACS applications. The new high-resolution monitor has 2048 x 2560 pixels and a luminance of 750 cd/m2, and can be used with standard or high performance graphic cards.

The company will also show two new tools, SMfit Total Care software and the SMfit Site manager software, which incorporate the display parameters of monitors and can be set to a uniform quality. The SMfit Site Manager Software allows remote maintenance of installed displays.

Matrox Graphics (Booth 1954) is introducing its Matrox Equinox Series of graphics extension technology for operating room (OR) planning, control and education. The series brings images from a single PC computing station to remote displays, allowing hospitals to replicate OR displays and distribute medical information to various locations, providing the operator access to data, audio/video, and imagery.
The Equinox Series is compatible with high-resolution digital displays up to 4 MP, and can be configured to accommodate a variety of resolutions and orientations.

NEC Display Solutions (Booth 2976) is displaying the 30-inch LCD3090WQXi, an LCD display for soft-copy clinical and PACS viewing.

The 4MP LCD model features: standalone DICOM calibration and the X-Light Pro sensor system to maintain a consistent light output; 12-bit LUT and 2560 x 1600 resolution; ColorCompT reduces LCD uniformity errors and compensates for differences in color/grayscale and luminance; and backlight technology that produces 102 percent of the NTSC color scale, according to NEC.

Philips Medical Systems (Booth 4129) is unveiling its work-in-progress Mobile Clinical Assistant. The 10-inch XGA pen-touch screen has an integrated barcode imager, digital camera, RFID reader, Blue Tooth and WiFi access. FDA clearance is expected in March 2008.

Planar Systems (Booth 2312) is showing its Dome ZX, a 16MP, 30-inch grayscale diagnostic imaging display. The Dome ZX features a 10-bit, high-resolution grayscale glass for side-by-side digital study comparisons and the Dome ZX line can be driven as a dual 5MP, dual 8MP, a single 10MP or a single 16MP configuration.

Quest International (Booth 6948) is displaying Totoku’s CCL252i2 (2MP) and the CCL352i2 (3MP), new medical grade, color and grayscale LCD displays. They are also showing a new additions to the NEC professional line of color, large screen LCD displays.

Totoku’s DICOM-compliant diagnostic displays have a luminance equalization feature that achieves uniformity across the screen, according to Quest. The company also says the new generation of Totoku displays is the λ-Sentinel II technology, and its photometer is integrated into the front bezel, monitoring the backlight and stabilizing luminance.

NEC’s new LCD is a 10-bit, grayscale, DICOM-compliant diagnostic display with IPS NEC LCD technology.  

 Richardson Electronics: Image Systems FP4200MED 42-inch display

Richardson Electronics (Booth 8344) is demonstrating a series of display services that have been released throughout the year. The company is showing its quality control and assurance Bronze Service, a one-time training service option, as part of its TekLink services for displays. It trains hospital IT staff how to perform workstation maintenance, calibration and conformance testing and how to utilize calibration software supplier. The facility also receives free 24/7 online technical support as part of the TekLink service.

The Image Systems display, a monochrome 18-inch analog LCD, has pre-programmed the FP1800 with dozens of standard analog video timings for medical applications.

Richardson says Image Systems FP4200MED, a 42-inch, medically-certified LCD features an IPX1-rated, acrylic protective panel integrated and sealed into the bezel, enabling proper wipe-down and cleaning protocol. The protective panel’s anti-reflection surface also limits the glare of bright operating room lights.

Finally, Richardson say it will display its ScrollSeal washable mouse and SpillSeal protected keyboard, which have the look and feel of normal peripherals, yet can be fully washed under running tap water or immersed in antibacterial solutions for disinfection.

 USEI: Totoku ME355i2 3MP LCD

U.S. Electronics (USEI) (Booth 3165) is exhibiting the new Totoku 3 MP 20.8 inch monochrome LCD ME355i2, which is employed with a front sensor system with a luminance sensor located on the screen surface.

USEI is also exhibiting the new Totoku 2MP, 21.3-inch monochrome LCD ME 253i2 display. Ideal for CT, MR, US, NM and CR, it has a built-in luminance uniformity compensation feature.

Wide USA (Booth 5548) is releasing a new generation of its Power family grayscale and color diagnostic monitor systems, which are available in 2MP, 3MP and 5MP grayscale, and 2MP and 3MP color.

The new Power family equips Wide’s ImageProces­sor IC with a set of digital processing technologies including display uniformity control.