Displays see volume more clearly

Display technology is getting more dynamic and powerful, and there are more sophisticated ways to mount and move them around. High bright technology is improving display quality and should also lengthen the lifespan, sensors and software are able to gauge and evaluate display performance.

Ampronix Imaging Technology highlighted the Dynamaxx 3D multiview lenticular display. This display is a full-color, large, 43-inch monitor that offers 3D viewing without special glasses and provides wide angle viewing for more than one person at a time.

Barco launched the next generation of its Coronis line of displays that includes a 2 and 3 MegaPixel (MP) grayscale, and a 2 MP and 3 MP color system. The Coronis color 3 MP Diagnostic Luminance technology guarantees speedy and smooth image loading, roaming and manipulation in 2D and 3D.

Medical QAWeb also debuted. It works in tandem with the I-GUARD sensor for remote quality control. And a new large-screen NIO Fusion 4MP color display system also was announced.

Double Black Imaging added to its existing M-Series offering from WIDE Corp., now with 2 MP, 3 MP, and 5 MP monochrome LCDs with retractable front sensors and auto-calibration software. The Lumical Calibration Software monitors settings at the client level or on a network, including email notifications.    

Eizo Nanao Technologies showcased the RadiForce G33, a 3 MP monochrome LCD suited for PACS, chest radiology, CT, MRI, and angiography applications. Also highlighted was the recently released RadiForce R31, a color 3 MP LCD for CT, MRI, PET, and 3D rendering.

FIMI Philips debuted the latest in its Luxor family of displays, including greyscale models from 1.3 MP to 5 MP and color (1.3 MP to 3 MP), as well as high brightness models. Also new is a 2 MP resolution greyscale LCD for all modalities.

The new Mosaic electronic lightbox is composed of six high brightness grayscale LCD monitors. New MediQA software provides remote display monitoring.

Matrox Graphics Inc. announced its new display 64-bit drivers for Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition on all Matrox medical imaging display controller boards.
Matrox also showed its MED Series display controller boards.

National Display Systems showcased its newly introduced PrimeVue high brightness 2 MP, 3 MP and 4 MP color displays, dual link support on 3 MP and 5 MP AXIS monochrome displays, and 3 MP or 4 MP PrimeVue.  

NEC Display Solutions of America Inc. highlighted its MultiSync large-screen "10 series" that includes 32-, 40- and the 46-inch models with Tile Matrix that creates a near-seamless display for multi-unit applications.

The new Sentry accessory provides remote DICOM and conformance monitoring; also a removable protective monitor shield was shown. NEC also previewed the work-in-progress 90 series.  

Planar Systems Inc. unveiled the latest in its new Dome EX line displays that includes the Dome E4c which features a widescreen, 16:9 format that eliminates the image split associated with dual-head monitors.

Planar also introduced color and grayscale displays in 2 MP and 3 MP, along with a new 5 MP grayscale display that are part of the EX line.

Quest International showed its latest NEC offerings: a new series of LCDs that includes the 32-inch MultiSync LCD3210, the 40-inch MultiSync LCD4010 and the 46-inch MultiSync LCD4610. The company also highlighted the Totoku i-Series with integrated front sensors.

RealVision Inc. unveiled its upgraded graphics controller card VREngine/SMD-Adv series, which can drive both color and monochrome monitors up to 9 MP, as well as offer compatibility with DirectX and OpenGL technologies.  

Richardson Electronics showcased its many offerings in display-based systems and its acquisition of Image Systems.

Siemens Display Solutions highlighted its new 3 MP flat panel SMD 21302 LCD. With its CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) technology, the new display is lower in cost than the currently available 3MP devices with blue-tinted Planon backlighting. Also showcased was the company's SHD 21205 high bright color flat-panel display.    

U.S. Electronics (USEI) highlighted Totoku's new CCL250i color and ME251i monochrome 21.3 inch, 2 megapixel (MP) flat panels with the company's ?-Sentinel II front sensor technology and DICOM calibration software.