ECR: TeraRecon emphasizes iNtuition
TeraRecon highlighted iNtuition at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR), March 3 to March 7 in Vienna.

The Forest City, Calif.-based company explained that iNtuition has been designed to accommodate varying bandwidth infrastructure. iNtuition Unlimited can be configured to deliver local processing and image distribution for sites with limited bandwidth, while allowing remote interactive streaming, via the web-based iNtuition Cloud if required, for sites with adequate available bandwidth and network responsiveness.

Sites with limited connectivity can relay images for distributed review during off-peak hours with lossless compression using iNtuition’s routing capabilities, while making them available via remote thin-client access before the delayed transfer has occurred, the company added.

TeraRecon highlighted iNtuition features, including:
  • All-server-side rendering;
  • Minimum hardware requirement, supporting multiple users rendering up to a total of 48,000 slices concurrently, from a 2U server. 3U is required to include all routing, intelligent preprocessing and rendering for up to 48,000 slices;
  • Virtualization, VMWare Ready;
  • Intelligent pre-processing and routing that analyzes, processes and prepares volumetric metadata after scan completion;
  • iNtuition MOBILE, which delivers 3D ‘Scenes’ to mobile devices;
  • Web access;
  • Open standards integration;
  • iNtuition VCC (Virtual Client Concentrator), which allows iNtuition deployment with a Citrix plugin on a client-side browser; and
  • iNtuition Cloud, cloud-based thin-client/server advanced visualization system.