Fujifilm Medical Systems adds Fujinon for endoscopy division
As of Jan. 1, Fujinon, a provider of endoscopy equipment, became an integrated division of Fujifilm Medical Systems, according to the Stamford, Conn.-based diagnostic imaging and medical informatics company.

The addition of Fujinon was meant to diversify Fuji's product line and improve business efficiencies. Fujinon had previously operated as a subsidiary of the medical systems company.

Under the new structure, the Fujinon brand will remain in place. Fujinon’s technologies include a flexible video endoscope, high-definition flexible endoscopes and the Double Balloon Endoscopy system, which is capable of reaching the entire small bowel.

As part of the merger, Keiichi Nagata will join Fujifilm Medical Systems as division president of the company's endoscopy division. Fuji's endoscopy division is headquartered in Wayne, N.J.