Furniture: All the Comforts of Home—with Better Productivity
RedRick Technologies CVM 

Furniture technology continues to be focused on ergonomically beneficial workstations that are increasingly technologically advanced to ease and expedite workflow. At RSNA, vendors are displaying a variety of workstations, ports and add-ons, which aim to make the radiologist’s reading experience more pleasant, productive and efficient, by employing smoother and smarter technology that can reduce the clunky mechanical or manual means of repositioning through motored devices. Much of the furniture being showcased around the RSNA floor is geared towards optimal image viewing, which can be enhanced through monitor placement, and various add-ons. 


AFC Industries (Booth 1704) is debuting pop-up data and built-in USB ports that can be embedded in the desktop of the full range of its workstations, tables and carts. The new ports deliver key ergonomic benefits and radiologists can connect to almost any digital or electronic device while remaining seated, according to AFC. 


Anthro (Booth 8545) is introducing Zido, a compact technology cart that can be customized for use with a PC, medical equipment or for lab applications. Zido, available in a variety of widths and heights, is situated on 4-inch casters and its frame is constructed of a cast metal base.

More than 16 options can be added to Zido, from a keyboard caddy, single- or dual- monitor mount, and equipment shelves for PC solutions, to a glove box-holder, gel cups, metal bin or oxygen tank holder for medical solutions, according to Anthro. Extra shelves and bins of various sizes also can be added for convenient storage.

Biomorph (Booth 7038) is unveiling three new add-on systems and the Flexo Level3 series of PACS stations, which includes a line of desks, chairs, monitor arms, add-ons and lighting.

The Flexo Level3 features a triple-level telescopic frame available with standard crank adjustment or optional electric motors, according to the company. The new product consists of upper and lower height memory and a soft start and stop.

Biomorph also is announcing new add-ons consisting of the Waldmann Diva task lamp; the Humanscale access rail system; and a desk-mounted single panel illuminator.

RedRick Technologies (Booth 8333) is showcasing its new ComfortView Workstation series and the new CVM motorized monitor mounting solution.

The Comfortview, with a formaldehyde-free core worksurface, can be programmed for adjustment and re-positioning, according to RedRick.

The CVM, which accommodates up to four diagnostic monitors that can be moved simultaneously, has an electric height adjustment range of 16-inches and the manual focal adjustment range of 14-inches. 

Reina Imaging (Booth 1059) is showcasing its mobile grid cabinet, the Trans-Former. Mounted on hospital-grade casters, the Trans-Former can be positioned either vertically or transversely and accommodates all CR and conventional cassettes. It is available in two models: the 50-inch model is adjustable from floor to ceiling and accommodates 14 x51-inch cassettes and smaller; the 34-inch model holds up to a 14x36-inch cassette positioned in either portrait or landscape and the cabinet is removable for tabletop or supine views.

S&S X-Ray (Booth 3211) is exhibiting its EW100 Full Featured Ergonomic Workstations. The workstation tables have been expanded to 48-inch and 60-inch versions, incorporating single- and dual-table configurations with redesigned surfaces with a gauge steel frame. Lights are positioned under the work surface to provide adjustable, ambient illumination to attain background. Power outlets are incorporated into the unit for dictation equipment or other auxiliary power requirements.