Happy hour in mere minutes? Ultrasound may hasten liquor aging

When it comes to top-shelf libations, it is often true that the longer it's aged, the better it tastes. But Spanish researchers may have found a shortcut to waiting years for that perfect flavor.

The team of researchers sent brandy through American oak chips, before subjecting the ingredients to ultrasound for three days. Throughout this time-period, the number of chips and the alcohol content of the liquor were altered. Upon completion, a panel of eight experts was asked to rate the quality of the brandy.

Although the taste was not exactly on par with a traditionally aged brandy, the results were still significant. Study co-author Valme Garcia noted in the report, “Obtaining in three days, a spirit with characteristics near to two-years-aged brandies was something really unexpected for us. … They tasted surprisingly well, with good fruity and sweet flavors and a high aromatic intensity.”

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