KLAS: Most providers moving to enterprise imaging, but split between VNA and PACS
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Most healthcare providers are in the early stages of forming an enterprise imaging strategy, and considering a vendor-neutral archive (VNA) centric approach or a PACS enterprise archive approach, according to healthcare market research firm KLAS.

In the report titled “Enterprise Imaging 2012: Provider’s Strategies and Insights,” KLAS also explained that providers believe no single vendor can deliver all of the pieces needed for an enterprise imaging strategy.

Providers mentioned GE Healthcare and Philips Healthcare most overall among vendors offering strategic enterprise imaging solutions, and their customers consider them to be part of their imaging strategy going into the future. Fujifilm's’s PACS enterprise archive was considered a strong offering, according to KLAS.

Agfa Healthcare, with its IMPAX Data Center, and Merge, with the iConnect platform, were the vendors most often cited in the report for a VNA-centric strategy. Acuo and TeraMedica were the primary non-PACS vendors in the VNA space.

Among hospitals with more than 500 beds included in the study, a VNA was more often considered central to an enterprise imaging strategy, while PACS-centric archives were more popular among smaller providers.