KLAS: Teleradiology grows, undergoes shift in contracts
Teleradiology contracts have been held historically by local radiology groups; however, in a report, healthcare market research firm KLAS found that hospitals and clinics now hold approximately 40 percent of teleradiology contracts.

“It was surprising to see this shift in teleradiology contracts from radiology groups to a mixture that includes radiology groups, hospitals and clinics. In several situations teleradiology decisions are being made at the health system level,” said report author Emily Crane, KLAS research director.

The inaugural report reviewed four nationwide and four smaller teleradiology vendors. Of these, the smaller teleradiology companies showed performance scores as high as—and in some cases higher than—large, national companies.

“National companies like NightHawk and Virtual Radiologic still get the most attention from providers,” Crane said. “However, some regional vendors, such as NightRays and Alta Vista, are delivering flexibility, communication, and read quality that is highly competitive with the national vendors in this study.”

The study also noted that teleradiology is a very promising market, with 80 percent of interviewed providers anticipating increased teleradiology volumes over the next few years.

“Several providers also mentioned a desire for more final reads from their teleradiology company. Because so many are now getting or looking to get final reads quality and consistency becomes paramount,” said Crane.

The top-rated national vendor was Virtual Radiologic, with a score of 89.7 out of 100. Other vendors studied in the report include: Alta Vista Radiology, Imaging On Call, Nighthawk, NightRays, ONRAD, Radisphere and Teleradiology Solutions.