New app allows providers to calculate contrast agent doses

GadCalc, a new iOS app for smartphones and tablets, helps healthcare providers track contrast agent doses. The University of Wisconsin-Madison radiology department first made its gadolinium dose calculator available to the public in 2014, and it was such a hit that the technology has now been developed into GadCalc.

The app allows providers to calculate a patient’s exact dose of a variety of contrast agents, though the university does clearly state that calculations should be “considered as indicative only.”

Users have ten agents to choose from when using GadCalc, and they also fill in the patient’s weight.

Brian Wu, PhD, reviewed the app for the website iMedicalApps, explaining that it actually does more than just calculate doses.

“The GadCalc app takes it a step further and lists the equation used to obtain the dosage volume,” Wu wrote. “Another option allows users to view the package insert for the contrast agent, which provides important medical information about the agent. Usage options, possible risks, dosage information, manufacturing information and even information about ongoing clinical trials are just a few of the things you will find listed.”

Wu said that there are not many apps like GadCalc available in the current market.

The original, free-to-use gadolinium dose calculator is still available online on the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s website.

GadCalc can be downloaded in the iTunes app store.