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The expansion of the PACS market was apparent in the Windy City as vendors touted a host of new image management solutions. The industry's attention to both enterprise and niche needs was clear. There are more cardio PACS options and new solutions geared to the orthopedics market. Vendors are making it easier for radiology departments and imaging centers to cross the last hurdles to filmlessness by providing new solutions for sharing digital images everywhere - including the OR and referring physician office.

Other highlights included tools to simplify data migration and provide proactive monitoring. Integrated orthopedic templating and 3D capabilities were hot as well. Radiology dashboards that provide a bird's eye view of the department and data analysis functions were on full display at several booths.

RIS vendors touted new tools like simplified scheduling and new billing modules. Finally, teleradiology providers shared their business models and hinted at future expansions.

Advanced Data Systems (ADS) launched ADS RIS/PACS with Multi-Modality Scheduling, Electronic Document and Imaging Management, DICOM Modality Work List, Voice Recognition, Bar Coding, Electronic Signature, DICOM and HL7 Connectivity and full integration with ADS PACS. 

Agfa's Healthcare Business Group debuted IMPAX 6.0 and IMPAX Enterprise and highlighted new features of IMPAX SMMS.

IMPAX 6.0 features a personal-based workflow and smart client technology to meet the requirements of administrators, radiologists, PACS administrators, technologists, clinicians and IT specialists.

Agfa's IMPAX Enterprise encompasses individual IMPAX RIS, Reporting, Auditing and Integration Services and Solution Monitoring and Management Services (SMMS), anchored by IMPAX 6.0 PACS. Agfa's integrated workflow approach gives enterprise onsite and remote users the ability to:

  • Securely access patient images, past studies, key RIS information and procedure reports with a single log-on
  • Access image processing tools and features to help automate workflow and boost throughput
  • Maximize uptime and facilitate regulatory compliance, while easing deployment and daily system maintenance
  • Integrate legacy investments and new acquisitions
  • IMPAX SMMS is a 24/7 proactive monitoring service that continually analyzes Agfa systems to detect potential technical issues.

AMICAS, Inc. launched the Vision Reach software system, AMICAS Imaging Dashboard and AMICAS Office Solutions.

Vision Reach integrates the radiology report with key images to create a single "multi-media" report for referring physicians. The solution includes an instant messaging system that uses common e-mail and secure messaging to deliver images, reports and information to any e-mail enabled device.

The AMICAS Imaging Dashboard is embedded within the Vision Series PACS to provide a fully real time, customizable, digital dashboard for complete visualization of all patients, images and key metrics of an imaging facility's operations.

AMICAS Office Solutions is a suite of ambulatory focused, web-based RIS and PACS packages aimed at increasing the efficiency and productivity of outpatient imaging centers and specialty clinics.

AMIRSYS announced integration of STATdx with Sectra PACS to provide diagnostic clinical decision support to radiologists and other physicians at the point-of-care and enable a PACS user to automatically obtain diagnostic clinical decision support information at the PACS workstation.

BRIT Systems exhibited the Exam Loop concept. It features monitoring and tracking tools that assist administrators in determining study and patient flow throughout departments.

Cerner Corp. highlighted new features on Cerner ProVision PACS, Cerner CV Net and Cardiology PACS and enhancements to its MultiMedia Foundation.

New ProVision features include virtual colonoscopy, PET/CT fusion and calcium scoring.

Cerner CVNet and Cardiology PACS manage cardiology images and digital media from a single repository and unify cardiovascular diagnostic activities, therapeutic interventions and follow up regimens into a single electronic medical record history.

Cerner MultiMedia Foundation (MMF) supports the inclusion of diagnostic images, ECG waveforms, fetal monitor strips, photographs, video images and other multimedia components into the patient's electronic health record. New features include pathology DICOM imaging with an Olympus partnership.

CoActiv Medical Business Solutions released EXAM-PACS-ORTHO and highlighted