Pomona Valley Hospital opts for Siemens/Dell VNA

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center in California has selected Siemens’ Image Sharing & Archiving (ISA) system, supported by Dell, to use as its cloud-based, vendor-neutral image archive.

Siemens ISA replicates imaging data in three separate locations, including the Siemens Healthcare Computing Center (HCC) cloud service. ISA incorporates Dell’s clinical data management software and the Dell Cloud Clinical Archive provides redundant archiving support for the HCC. Images can be accessed by DICOM query within the enterprise or by authorized external user via common industry integration profiles.

The medical center will use ISA to store all images, but was prompted to select the system due to an expansion of its 3D breast tomosynthesis service, which has data storage needs up to 20 times higher than traditional full-field digital mammography, according to a release from Dell.