RSNA: MIRC project streamlines teaching file exchange

CHICAGO—The Medical Imaging Resource Center (MIRC), an informatics project sponsored by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), is a free resource to support radiology teaching files and imaging clinical trials, according to a Nov. 25 presentation from the MIRC committee chairman at the RSNA annual meeting.

MIRC is a teaching file storage and sharing system aimed at simplifying the process of saving interesting or important imaging cases, according to Krishna Juluru, MD, of Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City. Juluru said MIRC allows studies to be exporting directly from PACS and integrated into the system where they can be accessed later by the person who uploaded it or other users interested in seeing the case.

Juluru said MIRC has several possible use cases for residents and students, as well as faculty or hospital staff. Presenters at conferences can load cases into MIRC to showcase later, cases can be uploaded for student testing or evaluation, and users can load cases into MIRC simply because they are interesting or ambiguous and they would like to review again at a later time.

For privacy purposes, MIRC can anonymize DICOM data, as well as redact patient information included in the actual image, as is the case with some ultrasound studies, among others.

More information on installing and using MIRC can be found here.