AHRA Annual Meeting: Industry is changing, but patients are in good hands

The medical imaging community is going through a great deal of change in 2016, whether it’s the shift from volume to value, the government-assisted move from CR to DR, or various updates to coding and reimbursements.

But then again—when is medical imaging not surrounded by change? Radiologists and technologists are always encountering evolving technologies and updated policies; stop paying attention for too long and you run the risk of being left behind.

You know what, though? Patients in this country are lucky, because the specialists responsible for their imaging needs are some of the nicest, smartest, most fascinating individuals you will ever meet.

I’ve been in Nashville for AHRA’s Annual Meeting and Exposition all week, and it’s been great to walk around and interact with so many wise, caring people who clearly love their work. There are thousands of people here, from the tireless vendors to the engaging presenters, and everyone shares one common goal: to improve the quality of care for patients all over the country. 

Thank you, everyone at AHRA, for creating such a warm, positive atmosphere. At a time when one can’t even turn on the news without being overwhelmed with stories of violence, hatred, and unrest, it is reassuring to know that patients in this country are in such strong, capable hands.

This may be a period of transition for our country’s imaging industry, but I am confident this group will rise to the challenge, just as it always has in the past. I see it in the smiling faces all around me as I walk throughout the convention center.