High-Quality Imaging technology from Agfa HealthCare is catalyst for new Direct Radiography contract with Vizient Supply, LLC


Agfa HealthCare has been awarded a new three-year group purchasing contract with Vizient Supply, LLC, a leading healthcare improvement company, to provide special pricing and terms on its entire product line of direct radiography (DR) products to Vizient's approximately 362,000 acute and non-acute care provider members.
Agfa HealthCare's full portfolio of DR products is included in the contract, along with the third generation of MUSICA advanced digital X-ray image processing software and the workstation. MUSICAtechnology provides consistent, high-quality results and virtually eliminates the need for post processing adjustments by the technologist or radiologist. The high image quality, when used with Cesium Iodide detector technology, also means up to a 60 percent dose reduction* for patients using Agfa HealthCare DR systems. 
"We at Agfa HealthCare truly appreciate the opportunity to continue meeting Vizient member needs for Digital Radiography," said Jared K. Houk, Agfa HealthCare's North American VP of Imaging.  "From our industry-leading MUSICA image processing software, which provides excellent image quality, while maintaining the potential to provide up to a 60 percent dose reduction*, to the efficiency gains in transitioning to DR, we are committed to and focused on working with Vizient's members to provide the best DR solutions that enable exceptional patient care."  
Following is a list of DR systems and DR detectors available:
Agfa HealthCare DR Systems powered by MUSICA Image Processing:
DX-D Retrofit: A complete line of cost-effective and versatile DR upgrade solutions that extend the useful life of existing radiology systems. Available with wireless or tethered Cesium Iodide (CsI) or Gadolinium Oxy-Sulphide (GOS) detectors. 
DX-D 100+:  Wireless portable DR systems with  FreeView Technology for better maneuverability and ease of use in crowded critical care areas.
DR 400: Flexible and affordable floor-mounted DR system that meets the high- quality image standards of high throughput imaging departments.
DR 600: The DR 600 is a fully automated ceiling-mounted X-ray system with  ZeroForce technology, which enables easy manual movements. Optional EasyStitch full leg and full spine imaging is available. 
DX-D 300: Fully automated, versatile U-Arm DR system with high productivity and a compact design. Optional EasyStitch full leg and full spine imaging is available.
Effective October 1, 2016 for an initial three year term, automatically renewing for two additional one year terms, this contract is the latest in a long-term relationship with Vizient.  Agfa HealthCare also has contracts with Vizient for  Image management and Enterprise Imaging, Computed Radiography, and diagnostic printing and medical film products.