Mysterious creature spotted in UC Berkeley MRI scan

Spotted: a mysterious, ghostly creature making an appearance in an MRI machine at the University of California, Berkeley. Viewer discretion isn't a worry for this terrifying yet oddly cute-looking creature.  

According to a recent report by Live Science, Ben Inglis, PhD, a physicist who manages the MRI facility at the University of California, Berkeley Brain Imaging Center, is known for posting on Twitter (@practiCalfMRI) and the university blog his MRI scans of different animals and objects.   

However, a particular MRI scan he tweeted on Nov. 5 of a wide-eyed, ghostly googly-eyed looking creature took his followers by storm. Inglis asked his Twitter followers to guess the species of the mysterious creature. The answers he received were everything from a clownfish to "Porg" from the upcoming Star Wars film.  

Read the entire article to see and find out what Inglis had scanned this time around.