UK hospitals give free postmortem CT scans

Hospitals in Leicester, England, will now be giving free CT scans postmortem, according to a recent article by BBC News.  

Despite the availability of diagnostic scanning methods and cultural shunning associated with invasive autopsys, a recent University of Leicester study demonstrated that Post Mortem Computer Tomography (PMCT) could be used safely and efficiently in 92 percent of postmortem cases.  

"We have worked hard with the coroner to bring this system to fruition and offer it to families," said Angus McGregor, MD, from University Hospitals of Leicester. "I think it's highly likely that over the next months and years that CT scanning will become a routine part of this service."  

According to the article, University of Leicester researchers said the majority of the 100,000 autopsies carried out annually in England and Wales establish a natural cause of death.

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