Work begins on new comprehensive study of traumatic brain injuries

Work is underway on a new study that hopes to obtain new information about traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and the impact they have on patients.  

Researchers from Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota, along with Abbott, are beginning work on a comprehensive study hoping to “identify the spectrum of brain injuries that occur in patients on arrival to the ED, and followed through to completion for up to a year after they are discharged.”

According to reporting by Forbes, the team will screen 9,000 patients and enroll at least 1,000 for the actual study.

“Children, as well as elderly patients, will be included, ranging from those with mild concussions to those with severe brain injuries who are comatose,” author Robert Glatter, MD, wrote. “Those patients who are enrolled in the study will be followed for up to one year. Based on the numbers, this will be the largest prospective single-center study of TBI in the U.S.”

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