Advanced Viz Adds a Whole New Dimension

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Image courtesy of Vital Images  

Everyone involved in healthcare recognizes that the utilization of diagnostic imaging has increased at an almost exponential rate. This surge of imaging data has led professional societies, such as the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine, to develop a new paradigm for the reading and reporting of radiological images, the Transforming the Radiological Interpretation Process (TRIP) initiative.

One of the tenets of the TRIP initiative is that radiologists need to examine different technologies for the visualization of images in order to achieve efficiencies that will meet the demands of the ever-larger volume of image data.

The developers of advanced visualization applications are providing tools to answer this challenge in the form of image display and analysis software to process large medical image datasets.

RSNA 2007 is the showcase for perhaps the largest display and demonstration of advanced visualization technologies, developed by vendors from around the world. Below is a preview of some of the leading-edge products that await attendees in the upcoming technical exhibits at McCormick Place.

3mensio Medical Imaging (Booth 5750) is featuring demonstrations of 3viseon 3D imaging software as well as its 3viseon Imaging Workstation for Radiologists.

The 3viseon software application enables large medical CT and MRI datasets to be displayed as three dimensional reconstructions using standard PC technology. In addition, the 3viseon application can be seamlessly integrated into existing PACS via DICOM.

The 3viseon 3D imaging workstation is a turnkey solution that enables datasets generated by CT and MRI to be displayed as 3D reconstructions using standard PC technology.

The firm also offers a Stereoscopy configuration, using StereoMirror display technology available from Planar Systems with monitors ranging from 17- to 23-inches. By using Stereoscopic display technology, a radiologist will be able to explain more clearly the abnormalities on the 3D images to referring clinicians. The multi-user, wide-angle viewing will allow a complete surgery team to see the interactive images as part of the pre-operative planning procedure simultaneously, according to 3mensio.

An additional option for the workstation is a vascular package that can be used for vascular analysis based on CT angiography (CTA) or MR angiography (MRA) exams.

One-click segmentation of the vessels, (semi) automatic central-lumen line detection, and interactive correction functionality provide an accurate measurement tool for pre-operative planning of vascular procedures.

aycan Medical Systems (Booth 6903) is introducing its aycan workstation OsiriX PRO, a high-performance, cost-effective and highly functional workstation for conventional, multidetector and other image reading equipped with advanced image processing tools.

aycan workstation OsiriX PRO, derived from the well-known open-source DICOM viewer Osirix, is FDA cleared and has a plug-in architecture built on the Macintosh operating system that allows for easy expansion capabilities.

The aycan workstation OsiriX PRO has been specifically designed for navigation and visualization of multi-modality and multi-dimensional images. It offers a 2D viewer, 3D viewer, 4D viewer (3D series with temporal dimension, such as cardiac CT), and 5D viewer (3D series with temporal and functional dimensions, such as cardiac PET/CT). The 3D viewer offers all of the most popular rendering modes including: multi-planar reconstruction (MPR), surface rendering, volume rendering, and maximum intensity projection (MIP). All modes support 4D data and are able to produce image fusion between two different series such as in PET/CT.

Barco (Booth 4714) is showcasing its Voxar 3D Enterprise capability to provide advanced visualization reading tools that support the same mouse controls and the same interface look and feel as clinicians’ existing PACS products. In addition, the company will be demonstrating the latest release of its Voxar 3D advanced visualization suite, version 6.3, as well as its custom imaging solutions capabilities.
The new Voxar 3D suite 6.3 comes with a full set of integrated clinical applications, including Voxar 3D ColonMetrix for CT colonography and Voxar 3D PET-CT Fusion for the interpretation of whole-body FDG oncology studies.
Voxar 3D ColonMetrix provides users with powerful, graphics processing unit (GPU)-accelerated automatic centerline finding. This makes it