Study: PET may not reach its market potential

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A new report on the positron emission tomography (PET) market warns that the modality's growth may slow, because vendors are not creating demand for PET among referring physicians.

Marketing Relevance LLC polled more than 1,000 market participants, including referring physicians, on what will drive the PET market.

"While many PET scanner manufacturers continue to focus on their equipment, our report suggests that without changes that create demand for scans among referrers, the PET industry may continue to grow at declining rates," noted Marketing Relevance President Mark S. Rhoads. "At this time, PET appears to be reserved as a backup imaging procedure instead of as a primary diagnostic modality. We feel that this is inconsistent with its potential."

Rhoads is the former president of PET radiopharmaceuticals manufacturer PETNet Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of CTI Molecular Imaging Inc.