Open science: The key to maximizing the impact of neuroimaging research

Open science and information sharing on a medical specialty-wide scale are the cornerstones of community-based research efforts such as neuroimaging, according to Cameron Craddock, PhD, of the Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research.

“The principles of open science have permeated neuroimaging to the point that nearly every software tool produced is free and open source and most new neuroimaging datasets are earmarked for data sharing,” Craddock wrote in a guest blog post for Biomed Central. “As these open science resources continue to blossom it is important to reflect on the importance of community-based efforts to nurture these resources so that they maintain their relevance well into the future.”

Craddock says ongoing efforts related to database creation, literature curations, data inspection, preprocessing and open source software are needed to further advance the collaborative nature of neuroimaging.

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