Sojourner Center BRAIN Program to research neurological care for survivors of domestic violence

A recent feature story published by Yes! Magazine examined the rise in national interest in traumatic brain injury (TBI). As more people become aware of TBI, the story explained, some groups of individuals are getting more coverage than others.

“Boxers, soldiers, football players: The faces of TBI are almost always those of men in dangerous or physically demanding careers,” the story read. “When soldiers began returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, the Department of Defense spent millions researching new technology like battlefield ultrasound machines that would help assess and treat TBIs quickly. In sports, earlier this month an appellate court affirmed a settlement that would potentially provide retired football players as much as $5 million each in damages for brain injuries. But there is another group of TBI sufferers that has been far less visible: survivors of domestic violence.”

The Sojourner Center BRAIN (Brain Recovery and Inter-Professional Neuroscience) Program is hoping to make this group much more visible through extended research.

To read more about the program, click below for the full story from Yes! Magazine: