3 things healthcare marketers should know about imaging

As healthcare shifts to patient-centered care, healthcare marketers must understand the importance of improving patient experience and maximizing outcomes.  

Hagar Spits, director of strategic marketing at Philips Diagnostic Imaging, explained in an article in Forbes that a lack of patient information combined with growing referrals for diagnostic imaging validates the need to transition to patient-centered care.    

"With the assimilation of its business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) practices, healthcare has shifted from focusing on technical benefits to emotional ones, recognizing the patient at the center," Spits wrote.  

According to Spits, there are three things healthcare marketers should know about patients' experiences in imaging:  

  • Happy patients mean efficient workflow and better outcomes.  
  • The value of frequent and ongoing communication by caring staff cannot be overstated.  
  • When so much is unknown, it's about trust.  

Overall, healthcare marketers must prioritize strengthening relationships and communication between patients and physicians.  

"I truly believe the experience of the patient is the most basic measure of how well a hospital is doing," Spits wrote. "Your customers are already working on this and for that reason, you should be too. You will not only be more successful as a business, but you can also feel you helped make lives better."  

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