From accomplished skier to inspired interventional radiologist

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 - SkiSlope

J. Dana Dunleavy, MD, is an interventional radiologist who loves what he does for a living.

That includes treating varicose veins in the pelvis using fluoroscopy, placing catheters in nostrils under image guidance to treat migraines, putting chemotherapy catheters directly into tumors and, of course, non-invasively treating an assortment of ailments that once called for surgery.  

Lately it has also come to include using a new technology to treat venous reflux disease.

Dunleavy, who was a skier of some note in his college days, recently spoke with the Buffalo News about his work and the Western New York practice of which he’s a part.

Among the interesting insights he shares is that interventional radiology is “an athletic career in some respects. If you have precise skills, you’ll have better outcomes.”

Enjoy the Q&A.