Agfas Orbis goes live at CHU
Agfa HealthCare reported that its Orbis hospital information system (HIS) has gone live at the digestive surgery department of Purpan hospital. Purpan hospital is one of the facilities of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Toulouse (CHU).

The CHU, which is currently making preparations for the certification visit of the High Authority of Health in September 2008, has chosen Orbis to fulfill one of its main priorities: the deployment of an electronic patient record, according to Agfa.
The University Hospital Center is the fourth largest hospital in France, with 614,800 outpatients and 179,900 inpatients recorded in 2006, Agfa said. As of December of this year, the Agfa HealthCare HIS will become the central access portal for the hospital's healthcare units, the company said.