Aurora's breast MRI system goes to Taiwan

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Aurora Imaging Technology Inc. has installed its first dedicated Breast MRI system outside the United States at the Breast Care Center at Chai-I Hospital in Taiwan.

The DICOM compatible, FDA approved 1.5T Aurora Dedicated Breast MRI System is optimized to achieve high resolution bi-lateral breast imaging with fat suppression, as well as perform interventional procedures.

Aurora's system is equipped with its proprietary Bi-Lateral RODEO Fat-Suppression technology. Simultaneous bi-lateral studies are difficult to achieve with whole body systems due to the inability to provide a homogeneous field large enough for both breasts, said Aurora.

Aurora's proprietary magnet system allows the imaging of both breasts as well as the chest wall and lymph nodes simultaneously, and also makes reliable bi-lateral fat suppression possible, according to Aurora.

Applying the Bi-Lateral Ultra RODEO fat-suppression technique in breast MRI after contrast injection enables physicians to focus on diseases affecting ductal or glandular tissue without the distraction of fat tissue and avoids the "snowman in a snowstorm" effect where fat and cancer are both bright on the MR image, said Aurora.