Brigham & Women's adds four Siemens CT systems
Boston’s Brigham & Women’s (B&W) Hospital, the 777-bed teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, has purchased an additional two Somatom Definition AS 40-slice and two Somatom Definition AS+ 128-slice systems from Siemens Healthcare.

Siemens upgraded B&W’s four existing units – two Somatom Emotion 16-slice and two Sensation 64-slice – as part of its equipment contract, according to the company.
Siemens said that the terms of the new agreement with B&W will extend the contract for an additional nine years.

As a result of the new agreement, Siemens said that B&W upgraded to the newer equipment without altering its monthly payments, and obtain new functionality. On the clinical side, the physicians can reduce dose with Siemens adaptive dose shield, and the new, adaptive 3D interventional suite.