British cardiac center chooses projectiondesign
Wessex Cardiothoracic Centre, a heart treatment center housed at Southampton University Hospital, chose a cineo3+ 1080 DLP projector from Norwegian manufacturer projectiondesign to act as its image source.

Eight years ago, a charity called Wessex Heartbeat was formed to excel treatments at the Wessex unit, which has raised over £13million ($26.3 million U.S.). Some of money has funded the Heartbeat Education Centre, which comprises five interventional catheter labs, four seminar rooms, a videoconference suite and a 120-seat lecture theatre.

Projectiondesign was chosen because “a 16:9 widescreen, full-HD projector reproducing native 1080p would be superior to the only other alternative of three projectors, which had been the initial specification,” said Alistair Holdoway, managing director of Video South, which was hired to design and install audiovisual solutions at Heartbeat Education Centre. “The projector is connected to graphics computers and switchers which combine remote camera feeds from the cath labs and route them to the lecture theatre.”