Candelis iMed-Stor 300  
Candelis (Booth 1509) is demonstrating its iMed-Stor 300, a dedicated DICOM-compliant archive appliance engineered to provide secure management of digital medical images and studies for standalone imaging operations including private practices, hospital departments, imaging centers and multi-physician clinics using a single imaging modality.

iMed-Stor 300 features include: RAID 5 archiving with initial raw capacity points of 1, 2, 3 or 4 terabyte; embedded database with DICOM engine for image archiving and management; web-based system administration and operator interface; multiple AE system titles for archive partitioning by multi-physician practices; SSL connection support; ability to attach encapsulated user documents (e.g. PDF report) in DICOM format to an imaging study and archiving; manual and automated DICOM routing; and optional HL7 support for integration with EMR, RIS or HIS.