Carestream to provide digital medical imaging at Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
Healthcare professionals at the Olympic Village Polyclinic in Beijing, China, will use digital medical and dental imaging systems from Carestream Health to diagnose injuries and treat health concerns of athletes and officials during the Summer Olympic Games.

The products the company is providing include:
  • Two Kodak Directview DR 9500 systems;
  • Five compact Kodak Directview DR 3500 systems; 
  • The Kodak Directview CR 975 system;
  • A Kodak Point-of-Care CR-ITX 550 system that combines a CR reader and a transportable x-ray unit in a single, self-contained package;
  • Carestream RIS;
  • Carestream PACS;
  • Carestream Enterprise Information Management; and
  • Three Kodak Dryview 6800 Laser Imagers.
Carestream said will also provide a compact Kodak Directview DR 3500 System for use at a satellite hospital in Beijing, which will be networked with the RIS-PACS located at the Polyclinic.