CareTech enhances IT at Ohio health system
Blanchard Valley Health System (BVHS) of Findlay, Ohio, has implemented Vocera communications badges among its nurses, as well as an interactive internet and email system from CareTech Solutions, an IT and health information management services provider for hospitals and healthcare systems.

The various facilities of BVHS employ more than 2,100 associates and serve an eight-county area in Ohio.

According to the Troy, Mich.-based CareTech, the badges, which weigh less than two ounces, allow nurses to communicate directly with physicians wirelessly through voice recognition technology. The nurses can also use the badges to contact physicians through their cell phones.

CareTech said it has also enabled the hospital’s use of TigrNet patient education and entertainment systems in all of BVHS’ 142 patient rooms, which allows patients and their families to access a variety of information relevant to the patient stay.