Central Health issues update in radiology review
Central Health, the health system servicing the Canadian province of Newfoundland, has updated the status of the radiology review at James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre (JPMRHC) in Gander, Newfoundland. As of Nov. 13, 721 reports had been reviewed.

All patients included in the review will receive written notification once their tests have been reviewed, and if there are any significant findings they will be communicated to the patient and family physician immediately by phone call, according to Central Health.

The review is on track to meet the original three to four week timeline, according to Karen McGrath, CEO at Central Health.

Central Health began the review after two radiologists at JPMRHC were found to have written reports based on older medical tests rather than the most recent diagnostic imaging test in at least six cases. The radiologists no longer work in Newfoundland.

Over the course of the review, there have been additional cases where the original report was written based on the correct image, but the reviewing radiologist added information or recommendations. In these cases, the patient and family physician will receive notification of the changes to the initial report, according to Central Health.