Cincinnati ER to use Toshiba AquilionOne CT system
Greater Cincinnati area residents and patients of St. Elizabeth Medical Center will soon have access to the AquilionOne from Toshiba America Medical Systems.

The AquilionOne, a dynamic volume CT system, can help doctors diagnose stroke and heart disease in minutes, according to the Tustin, Calif.-based Toshiba. St. Elizabeth, which serves more than 300 stroke patients annually, is the first U.S. community hospital to install the technology in an ER setting.

The company said that its Aquilion One also will be used for cardiology, neurology, vascular care and orthopedics. The medical center currently performs more than 500 open heart procedures each year.

Toshiba’s said its AquilionOne CT system utilizes 320 ultra-high resolution detector rows (0.5 mm in width) to image an entire organ in a single gantry rotation. The result produces a 4D clinical video showing up to 16 cm of anatomical coverage, enough to capture the entire brain or heart, and show its movement such as blood flow.